Welcome to Vardhman International Public School



Vardhman International Public School (VIPS) under the aegis of Mata Budda Devi Jain Educational Society (Regd.)

We, at VIPS are whole-heartedly committed to uphold the lofty ideas set by the great visionary Mata Budda Devi Jain. Our Motto “Vidya Vinay Vivek” is being achieved in the right sense, as to instill in young children, the wisdom and cultural heritage of our great nation.

The school is aiming to:

  • ➤ Equip the students mentally, morally, physically and culturally to become worthy citizens of our nation.
  • ➤Develop qualities of initiative and leadership in students.
  • ➤ Encourage them to think and be proactive learners.
  • ➤Make our children aware of their role in the modern society.
  • ➤Imbibe values and create regard and respect in their minds towards our age old culture and traditions.
  • ➤Develop the Four C’s of basic skills – Confidence, Co-operation, Curiosity and Communication.
  • ➤ Encourage originality through self expression.
  • ➤ Train them to fulfill their own dreams and aspirations.